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Online Banking

Phone: 978-283-0246

Telephone Banking

You can access account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any touch-tone phone by dialing 978-282-4349 or toll free by dialing 1 (866) 283-1846 . It’s flexible, easy and fast. 

Telephone banking services help you get to your account information and conduct transactions whenever you want. With telephone banking, you can do the following:

  • Confirm account balances
  • Confirm charges or deposits
  • Verify a check has cleared
  • Make loan payments
  • Verify Annual Interest earned
  • Transfer money between Cape Ann Savings Bank checking and Statement Savings accounts


NEW Feature - Online Banking Enhancement Pending Transactions

  • Customer's Account information will now include debit/credit card transactions that are pending on their account.
  • As depicted in the image below you will now see a pending transaction (see example below), the pending amount and a zero balance.
  • The zero balance to the right of the pending transaction will be updated once the transaction is posted, this does not mean that your balance is zero.
  • Customers can find their current balance and available balance under Account Information near the top of the page (see example below).
  • The Available balance reflects the Current balance minus the displayed pending transactions.
  • If you do not see a transaction pending that you expect, it most likely means that the transaction has not been initiated yet against the account.


        Pending Transactions