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Phone: 978-283-0246

Gloucester Massachusettes BoatATM/Debit Card Services

Our ATM/Debit Cards offer added convenience to your Cape Ann Savings Bank NOW Account or Money Market Account.  You will have access to your corresponding account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There are no fees when you use your Cape Ann Savings Bank ATM/Debit Card at any of our 12 ATM locations.  Cape Ann Savings is a member of the SUM logo black network.  Use your card at no charge at any machine displaying the SUM logo black logo.


Use your card at any ATM machine that displays the  NYCE or NYCE logo.*

Your Visa debit card is a quick easy way to make all your purchases.* Use your VISA debit card anywhere VISA is accepted worldwide.**  Purchases made with your VISA debit card are deducted directly from your corresponding account. ATM Card

     • $1,000.00 per day limit on ATM (pinned) transactions
     • $2,000.00 per day limit on POS (signature based) transactions
     • Temporary limit increases available for larger purchases***

     For lost or stolen ATM/Debit cards call (978) 283-0246 during banking hours, or (800) 554-8969 during non-banking hours.

*fees may apply
**please notify us when travelling
***for security purposes, please visit our ATM coordinator for prior approval


NEW Feature - Online Banking Enhancement Pending Transactions

  • Customer's Account information will now include debit/credit card transactions that are pending on their account.
  • As depicted in the image below you will now see a pending transaction (see example below), the pending amount and a zero balance.
  • The zero balance to the right of the pending transaction will be updated once the transaction is posted, this does not mean that your balance is zero.
  • Customers can find their current balance and available balance under Account Information near the top of the page (see example below).
  • The Available balance reflects the Current balance minus the displayed pending transactions.
  • If you do not see a transaction pending that you expect, it most likely means that the transaction has not been initiated yet against the account.


        Pending Transactions